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Lara Kaufmann

Lake Hartwell Insider is a gift to all those who love to visit the Lake Hartwell area or are planning to visit for the first time. Many hours were spent compiling information in search of activities to enjoy with my family and visiting guests. In absence of a database of information, I began to gather this data for myself. I found it time consuming to collect tourist information because this large area is located over two states; each having multiple towns and cities. After multiple and various internet searches, visits to the GA and SC welcome centers, conversations with convention centers and visitors bureaus and digging through phone directories, I realized I had an entire box of information on the Lake Hartwell Area. This realization led me to writing Lake Hartwell Area Recreation Guide which has now blossomed into the Lake Hartwell Insider website. My wish is for you and your family to visit this area, enjoy all that it has to offer and fall in love with it, as we did.

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Lara Kaufmann

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Our goal is to provide our site visitors with up to date and accurate information about the Lake Hartwell area. If you see an error in our database of information, please let us know.